Taylored Business Solutions Inc. (TayloredBiz), offers custom solutions for companies who want to fine tune their business processes, take their company to the next level or simply need some minor tweaking to improve or sustain profitability.

Our staff is comprised of many committed energetic seasoned professionals offering more than fifty years of diversified business experiences from a variety of industries.

New look! New site! New vision!

Taylored Business Solutions is positioned to take you to the next level. Are you ready?

Ian D. Taylor is a dedicated, dynamic and demanding proven leader who never asks of a team what he is not prepared to do himself. Known for creating a work environment that is enjoyable, yet professional. Can be counted on to understand a project and its individual tasks, break them down into their respective units, so he can assign and manage the process to completion without the unnecessary overhead and micro management.

Mr. Taylor possesses the aptitude to bridge communication gaps between departments. Core competencies include:

Senior management, leadership and mentoring. Mentored many senior technical personnel and assisted them in transitioning to management positions.

IIT strategy and operations. Armed with the knowledge of the many aspects of software development methodology, including development, implementation, rollout and ongoing support, plans are thoroughly laid out before approaching any challenges.

Program management. Senior technical project manager, serve as the liaison between the technical division and management, translating management's vision into an actionable plan.

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